Age: 18
School: Lane Tech/University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Strengths: Science and hands on things.
Pastimes: Biking, long distance travels, and casual running.
Interests: Archery, repairing bikes, traveling on his bike.
Favorite Food: Tofu Paid Thai
Likes: Bikes, going to the beach, long distance travels, art, and ceramics.
Dislikes: Bell peppers, potholes, when people don’t use their blinkers, and loud noises.
Goals for bikeLab: Help cyclists in Chicago have an easier time biking.




Age: 18
School: ETI Environmental Tech
Strengths: Painting, math, science, being professional.
Pastimes: Reading, cooking, playing guitar.
Interests: Science, comics, movies, architecture.
Favorite Food: Kale, tofu.
Likes: Plants, science, math, computer science.
Dislikes: McDonald’s, bad acting, no air conditioning.
Goals for bikeLab: Creating sketches and plans, meeting architects, and making an impact on the community.




Age: 18
School: Graduated from Lane Tech College Prep; attending Cornell College in the fall
Strengths: Critical thinking, analyzing, planning, writing, researching, and biking
Pastimes: Seeing movies, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, going to the YMCA, biking, going to Ignite, seeing concerts, playing music, playing ps4 games, and watching the Bee Movie
Interests: Psychology, city planning, biking, weight training/fitness, and film making
Favorite Food: Chicken
Likes: Relaxed working environments, contributing to a group project, and being a part of something important/innovative
Dislikes: Complacency and not doing anything productive
Goals for bikeLab: My goal is to be a part of a design for efficiently storing bikes, as well as safer, faster bike routes




Age: 17
School: Loyola University
Strengths: Math, science, quick learner, well-rounded
Pastimes: Gaming, reading, guitar
Interests: Space
Favorite Food: Meat
Likes: Simplicity
Dislikes: Summer
Goals for bikeLab: Make an impact in a community that improves the way people live






Age: 19
School: IIT
Strengths: Leadership, quick learner, good intuition
Pastimes: Video games, Ultimate Frisbee
Interests: Cars, mechanics, architecture, and engineering
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Likes: Star Wars, building/construction, suits
Dislikes: Vegetables, bad drivers, dirty cars
Goals for bikeLab: Making sure the interns enjoy their roles and time working on the project, while also ensuring that the job is done well.




Age: 25
School: Harold Washington College
Strengths: Problem Solving, Planning Events, Socializing
Pastimes: Swimming, listening to audiobooks and podcast.
Interests: Architecture, Community Involvement, Social Justice, Politics.
Favorite Food: Hot sandwiches and pickles.
Likes: Butterflies, rainy days, and Game of Thrones.
Dislikes: Uroriginality and disorganization.
Goals for bikeLab: 1.Help the interns learn and grow as students and youth leaders in their communities. 2. Create more delicious salads for the Smartlucks. 3. Help the team analyze the data and make helpful suggestion towards the design to make buildings more bike and biker friendly.


Program Coordinator




Age: 28
School: Harvard
Strengths: Organization, writing, making connections
Pastimes: Reading, taking care of my house and garden, being outside, cooking
Interests: Art, social justice, Chicago, education
Favorite Food: Indian
Likes: Tiny things
Dislikes: Rats
Goals for bikeLab: To give our interns the tools and resources they need to create a quality solution for more bike accessible housing. And to make it fun, too!