Each year, Landon Bone Baker partners with a neighborhood or community organization to choose a focus for the summer’s research. This year, LBBA will partner with the Latin United Community Housing Association (LUCHA) to develop a plan for making their Humboldt Park buildings more bike and biker friendly. Students will interview LUCHA residents about their bike use, research the issue and the neighborhood, visit bike shops, tour buildings with bike-centered design, and ultimately create an overall plan for integrating bike use into LUCHA buildings. In addition, the bikeLab team will develop an actual design for a specific space in one building that we hope will be built within the next year. The culmination of the program will be a jury at the LBBA studio made of LBBA and LUCHA staff as well as experts in the fields of biking, planning, architecture, and design. A second presentation will be held in Humboldt Park for LUCHA residents and other community members.

Each Wednesday in July LBBA and the bikeLab team will host a “smartluck” lunch presentation and work session. These lunches provide an opportunity for the students to learn about related work happening in the city as well as to share their project with the presenter and get a chance to receive feedback and work through specific questions. Smartlucks last from noon until 1:00PM and are open to the public. Complimentary lunch will be served. The full schedule with presenters will be available soon and all are encouraged to attend.