I have never cooked for people before. If cutting vegetables and mixing them counts as cooking, than now I guess I have cooked for people. I should probably start learning so that during my college life, which is going to start within a month, I will not starve. As I was put to cut tomatoes and bell peppers, I saw two people cut themselves, which made me feel like I was going to be the next one, but fortunately my time to get cut did not come. Having watched my mother cook as I was young, gave me kind of an idea of how to cut evenly and carefully. Having many people cutting and preparing food in one location was calming, and gave me a sense of community. The food turned out pretty good; it was a simple preparation that yielded a lot. Tomatoes are hard to cut because when they are squished against the semi-sharp knife, and the insides are smashed against the skin and it splits through. Cutting peppers was a bit easier but, the seeds got everywhere, when I forgot to take them out.