bikelab logowork

At LBBA today we spent a couple of hours coming up with the perfect design for bikeLab 2016! We all started with sketches and mock drawings of what we visualize bikeLab to represent. Then, after lunch Interns were assigned to different tasks to cover, such as creating the logo, business card, and social media accounts. I was eager to create the logo for bikeLab! After sketching we scanned our drawings into the computer to further sharpen up our ideas and create the perfect logo. However, this is not an easy job! After 15 minutes of using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Miguel, a fellow bikeLab intern, and I thought we finished creating the logo. But after we peer reviewed our work, quickly realized we had room for improvement! I admit I asked for help a couple of times, because a logo represents all of us, not just me! Getting input from our awesome mentors, Brenda and Ricardo, really pulled our designs together! I’m glad we have such experienced and helpful supervisors! We really got to utilize all of the digital tools that Adobe products have to offer. I felt like I learned new tools today and refreshed my skills with digital manipulation. After today, bikeLab 2016 has the perfect logo, all thanks to the bikeLab team!!!bikeLablogo