Starting a social media outlet and making a brand, is very hard to do. The first thing we had to do was think of how to make a logo. The logo we make was a combination of the ideas that we had drawn and made by hand. The gear around the bike, which was, at first, free handed, was kind of hard especially since images had to overlap perfectly and had to look straight against each other. It took at least two hours to perfect the matching; and they were well worth it.

I know my bike very well and with that, comes knowledge of every angle and every length, so a picture outline was simple to make. The bike represented in the picture is a race geometry single speed fixed gear, especially made for the track, it does not have brakes, and doe not have shifters. The green given to us looked kind of weird when we looked it up. After we changed the bike to that color, it looked fine. The gearing portion had to be remade at least two times, the teeth needed to be shaped evenly, and it had to look at clean as possible.