As the last day dawns upon us, we contemplate a vision of the world with us as professionals, I had really fun time working with two of my friends and people who I can now call my friends. We all learned many lessons from the people we have been working with, many people with different set of skills. I have definitely grown from this experience as a new worker in the world, for this being my first job it has payed well, and had given me a challenge. As an analysis of my entire time here, I will have to say that I would not have been able to do this or anything close if not for the support of all of the mentors present, I was really in to it. Unfortunately we started out with five interns and within the first week we had lost one and as the third week completed we had to let go of three of the five interns. After asking a bunch of my friends if they would like to join, I had two solid responses that, in my opinion were the best qualified. After getting hired the two new interns showed great skill in data collecting, ideas, and data input, and for that I am, grateful. Working with an architecture firm was never something I thought I would do because of my interest in the sciences and engineering, but as I learned more I gained a greater understanding and appreciation for architecture. This firm has many friendly and warm people that made me feel welcomed after every conversation.