As of today, we finished up the last of our tasks here at LBBA as the interns. After the final presentation, and once we were done pitching our designs to the LUCHA residents, we compiled the last of our data into a PDF file for them to access. As a whole, this program has been nothing but outstanding. Thanks to another one of the interns here, I was able to partake in these designs and actually contribute to something that mattered. Although I started in the middle of the program, I still felt like I had been a part of this internship journey the entire way through. As soon as I set foot in this building, I was already sharing ideas and playing a vital role in the project of designing bike friendly buildings. From that point on, I helped design the buildings through various computer programs, sketching, researching, and actually constructing a three dimensional model to scale of the actual building that I helped design. Granted, the work proved to be challenging, rigorous, and just flat out exhausting, but seeing that end product was more of a payout than I could have hoped to receive. The approval and excitement of the LUCHA residents seeing the designs for their building was the best part of this entire program. I could not have been happier to see our designs, our presentation, and our plans not only displayed to the people, but actually approved by them was rewarding in ways that I cannot put into words. From drawing, to blogging, to researching, to writing, and to cooking, this internship has given me skills that I can safely say will benefit me not only in the near future, but for a lifetime.

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