Today is the final day!  The end of this 6-week program! It is a bittersweet moment because soon i will be going to college to study architecture, and while i am overjoyed with that, it is sad to say goodbye to such caring, diverse and social people here at Landon Bone Baker. And now that I’ve had a taste of what its like, I hope to one day soon work full time at an architecture firm. On the other hand, I’m excited! There are a lot of  positive outcomes from the end of this program! Such as showing LUCHA and their community what we’ve been doing with their data, our designs and suggestions!! I love the idea of giving back to the community that we’ve gotten to know and interact with. This empowered me to  create a respectable design and something that LUCHA would admire as well. The skills I’ve gotten from this once in a lifetime opportunity will always benefit me in my life. Skills such as public speaking, presentation skills, design process,data collection/ analyzation, teamwork, food preparation and cooking and peer to peer feedback. I will never forget this experience and I hope to have many more experiences similar to this. Working with Landon Bone Baker Architects made me realize that my dream of becoming an architect is tangible and still something I want to seriously pursue. I am grateful for the chance to interact with real architects at a young age, and grateful to Marwen for giving me the chance to be apart of this internship this summer.