For our final day we began by wrapping things up. All the information on the designs we made, including cost and where to get them, will be sent to LUCHA in order for them to be able to begin planning out how they want to go about implementing the ideas we presented to them. To commemorate it being our last day on the job, we went out as a group and had lunch together at Cafe Central. Upon returning to the office, I began to think of my first day here at LBBA, and how I would never have been here if I didn’t respond to the friend that had invite me to work here. Such a wonderful learning experience could have never happened if it wasn’t for the fact that a friend of my mine had just enough trust in me to want to introduce me to this job opportunity. My time here at LBBA has been short, but sweet. I am glad I was introduced to this opportunity to make a change in a community’s way of life. I couldn’t think of a better place to have had my first work experience and I will always remember the memories I made here with some old friends of mine, and plenty of new ones. As I finish typing up what will be my very last addition to the LBBA community, I begin thinking of what the future holds for all of us. each of the interns have their own plan for the future, in fact we will find ourselves to be scattered across the country in pursuit of that next phase in our lives where we settle down into college. While only time can tell what lies in store for us, I am sure that all of the time spent here at LBBA will not be forgotten.