One of the women living at the LUCHA SRO Apartment named Candida likes to bike and would want to join a bike community club at LUCHA. A problem she addressed to me was that she often cannot make it to the LUCHA community group meetings held in the building due to lack of flexible times. She expressed that the meetings take place during the week, and at times where most adults are at work or have to pick up their kids from school. ┬áSo she is sure that even if there was a bike club, the times wouldn’t work for her. Often because of her schedule she cannot attend at the designated community meeting times. She would like a range of times and availability and she is open to the idea of biking. She would also like to be active with her family as her children are fond of biking. So to her it is more than biking around, she sees it as a healthy and social way of exercise. We recognize this and want to create designs that reflect this, we want to make a community spaces for both frequent bikers and social bikers.