What is it like interning at LBBA through bikeLab? So far it’s being outdoors, having fun, and meeting people! The staff and principles of LBBA are very considerate and interesting, I felt really welcomed being apart of LBBA! What we have planned for today is to do a group scavenger hunt on the 606 bike trail! During the scavenger hunt the weather outside was 90° degrees! It became very clear to all of us that there was not any shaded areas on the 606! Regardless, we went scavenging for colored bikes and pedestrians to talk to. Through all the bikes, we got a glimpse of the varying neighborhoods the 606 encompasses; the houses varied from futuristic condos to older brick apartments the further east we went. At one point we saw Chef Rick Bayle’s backyard garden, which was not on the scavenger hunt list, but still noteworthy! Finding the massive rubber snake sculpture was a favorite find for all of the interns! It was nice to see a sculpture made out of recycled bicycle parts and to see different communities integrate healthy exercise and art into their lives. Although it was hot outside we all still had a great time! I felt this activity helped us become more observant of the features in a community area. I feel really excited to start on the project already; I can tell this is going to be a very productive and fun couple of weeks. I would also like to meet the community and listen to their opinions on things such as bike accommodations and urban commutes. I look forward to tomorrow and tackling the question of integrating bikes into more communities, lifestyles, and buildings!