Jose Rosado is a tenant at the LUCHA residencies and is very knowledgeable about bikes. He has two bikes which he is very proud of and knowseverything about them. He is a handyman, carpenter, and many other hands-on jobs that he could do. His two bikes are very special to him, one is for outdoor everyday use and he has a fancier one that he only uses in good conditions. He thinks a good storage solution would be ideal for the basement and would use it if it were in the basement. Locks that are strong and safe were an option that Jose was comfortable with. The first time we went aside from this direct interview, I talked to him about bikes, he gave me a few tips on how to be a better mechanic. He also finds it completely inconvenient to not be able to work comfortably on his bikes outside. He would only store his bike in a location that he knows is safe and secure.