Christopher is a 42 year old man who lives at a LUCHA location and likes to ride bikes. He does not have a bike of his own but likes to ride around on a Divvy bike that the city has around town. He feels it is not safe around the neighborhood because of all of the gang related activity that is going on, but he likes to ride on The 606 trail and to the lakefront trail, where he feels safe and there are a lot of people. He does not own a bike because he feels it is too expensive, but he would like to have one. He mainly uses it for exercise, because it is healthy to ride a bike. He is extremely careful around certain roads. He feels a bike is a good investment because it is a one-time expense and it does not burn gas like a car, cutting down on the cost of ownership. He also chooses a bike because it is much faster than walking, and it is so convenient. He feels there is a need for cyclist and driver education, to make the road a safer place for both. The conditions of the road do not bother him as much as other problems, but he does think that bike lanes are a good idea. He also thinks that cycling is more interesting since there are so many bike shops. An idea for storage that he had was to maybe put some kind of storage on the roof, because of how much room is not being used.