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With this information, one can infer that bicycle storage is an issue. For dense urban areas in Chicago, people living in apartments, condos, or high rises have to carry their bike up however many flights of stairs, or lug them onto an elevator. Therefore, we believe that bike storage could be a huge asset for any apartment complex.


What’s shown in the graph above is the sample size and population of who we surveyed. The vast majority of the people surveyed who owned bikes were adults. This told us more about the types of bikes that we were trying to design for.


For this question, we asked those who did not ride their bikes if they would feel encouraged to ride if they had access to a safe storage facility. This data told us that bike storage was a priority, and that we needed to design for that. can repair chart

Now, with that information, what’s indicated to us is that bike repair stations would greatly benefit the cyclists of Chicago, given that roughly half of the people we surveyed were fairly handy when it came to repairing their own bike. Overall, the data we extracted reinforced our claims of bike repair stations and storage facilities area as a priority for cyclists all over Chicago.