Jimmy was a LUCHA SRO (Single Room Occupant) in the summer of 2016. He is an experienced cyclist, and feels that biking is a positive impact on the community. Speaking to Jimmy was fun because he had a lot of information for us. When I asked how long he had been biking he jokingly told me “Not long, just maybe 14 years.” He likes to interact with others that share the same interest. Bikes! He has made new friends through biking and is happy to see more people in the area on bikes.One of the new friends is another tenant at the SRO who also bikes! Jimmy told us that he would use a safe storage area to store his bikes. He supports the youth that has expressed an interest in learning about bike repair, and was active in recent workshops partnering exclusively with West Town Bikes. Jimmy seemed happy to work with us and was excited to see our designs because he wants the community to take advantage of the bike accommodations in the neighborhood.