Today marked the first day of our final week. Throughout this program, we have been working on designs for functional and bike friendly spaces in apartment buildings. Now, as we near the very end, we made some finishing touches to our designs, and we are finally going to present them to the residents of the buildings on Wednesday. We observed the spaces, made several sketches, conducted interviews, and took measurements; everything we have collected led to the same conclusion: bicycle storage is an issue. From what I have seen, the confined tight spaces that we had to work with posed as a challenge, but motivated us not only as planners, but as designers to come up with unique ways of storing bikes with a limited amount of space, while remaining convenient, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing. With such a limited amount of space in the backyard, placing one bike rack or a gigantic storage locker just won’t cut it, so we had to come up with creative, space conserving designs, such as a designing a canopy in the patio, and using wooden storage sheds to store bikes. We had to make due with the space we had, but luckily, the residents of the LUCHA SRO building expressed their interest in having some of the basement designated for bike storage. The basement, while used as a furniture repair workshop, has space that can comfortably store up to six bikes, so we were able to make use of the one wall that was unoccupied. Overall, the benefits have greatly outweighed the pitfalls. Designing these storage spaces has been challenging, but very enjoyable at the same time. We have been given an opportunity to make use of existing space, and create something entirely new and innovative. Now, with all of our data collected, we have empirical evidence and statistics to back our claims and reinforce the notion that bike storage is an issue. With everything collected and designed, we have the ability to propose solutions to these storage issues. Ultimately, we have everything we need for a solid, informative presentation for the LUCHA residents.