As we are approaching our presentation date, more and more seems to be getting done. Today I continued working on a model on the Drake building that incorporated a few bike storage designs I had for the building. In the long run, I want to keep the bikes safe from all of Chicago’s weather issues and at the same time create a communal space that encourages interaction between people in the Drake building. The overall idea was to place a canopy over an area of the lawn that would overlook two bike racks and an area designated for people to relax outdoors and socialize. After a few hours of working on the models, the group went outside and then we became the models. Since our time here at LBBA is approaching an end, we decided on following tradition and taking a group photo of all the interns that worked together this summer. It took us a few tries to get the perfect photo with all the interns in sync, but in the end it was well worth the effort it took. One way or another, from making models to being models, today was full of new opportunities.