Today we all had to go to Humboldt Park and get more surveys filled out. The surveys have been updated since the last time we went out for it, they have been translated to Spanish and some of the questions have been simplified. We did like the characters in Scooby doo and split up at get the most ground covered and had a competition to see who can get the most surveys done. We all started with different groups and decided to all walk in different directions after each interview. As we separated we noticed that we had all gone far from the origin. I wanted to at least be able to see one or more of the other interns, and after asking all of them how they were doing I went back to collecting surveys. After a while I ran into one of the other interns and noticed that were have not seen one of the others in a while, as we tried to recall where we had last seen him, we decided to go and try to find the others. Then meeting up, we could not find the last one of us. We called him on the phone and texted him to see where he was. After a bit of looking we see a tiny figure across the lake walking toward the place where we parked. Then he responded and we met up with him. After counting all of the data we all collect we found that three of us that were hovering around the middle all got seven surveys completed, but the one of us who walked really far got eight surveys and won the competition.