As the progress on our designs for bike friendly housing continues, we revised our layouts for the patio, backyard, and basement storage today. Originally, we had canopies over the bike racks on the patio, but then, after some suggestions and thorough analyzing, we decided to edit our designs by scrapping the canopy because it blocked the plants. At first, I had nothing but confidence for the designs, but once they were presented to Catherine, one of the architects at LBBA, she pointed out a lot of flaws with the designs, and that made me rethink a lot of what was done initially. We are nearing the end of the summer program, and we need a completely revised plan for the LUCHA building. Personally, I feel that the placement of the bike storage is a major issue, because the space in the backyard is incredibly limited, and we can’t really resort to chopping down trees because that kind of defeats the purpose of environmental friendliness. However, despite these challenges, there is still some space we can work with, and once we figure out a way to place the bike lockers in a location fit for everyone, the design will not only be complete, but it will encourage others to start biking because the design is so versatile and bike friendly. Once we took all of Catherine’s suggestions into consideration, the original canopy was deleted and another smaller canopy was placed above a single bike rack, not blocking any of the plants. That way, the bikes could be protected and the patio area could still be enjoyed. Similarly, we put the bike lockers and other utilities into the backyard where there is some open space that could potentially be used for housing bikes. Although our plans are not finalized yet, I am confident that at the rate we’re progressing, we should have a comprehensive design ready to present next week.