My second day on the job was full of new experiences for me. Towards the end of the day the group was invited on a field trip to Intuit to explore the arts. Once we arrived we were given time to look around and take in all the outsider art pieces that were on display. There was a blend of paintings and sculptures incorporated into the gallery. I enjoyed being able to look around and being exposed to a new art genre that I had previously never seen before. Towards the end of the field trip, the Intuit interns led an art making activity where we were allowed to use various materials provided to create our own art piece. I learned how to create a collage using magazine snippings, cotton balls, and shredded paper. This activity allowed us to express ourselves as well as being able to explain what we do here at LBBA to another group of interns. The interns also explained what their goals were in their program and we learned that they were attempting to bring more attention to self-taught artists. I am glad we went to Intuit because it allowed us to spread the word about what we are trying to achieve within our program, and it gave us insight on another movement being made by a similar group of aspiring teens.