Today we had to stand in the sun, and a bit of shared shade, to interview people and gather information about peoples bike uses and habits. We would ask them about their habits on owning a bike and how they use it. We were joined by the other interns that were a part of the west town bikes, and we had the same survey so they helped us gather a large range of data. Walking up to people and asking them questions, was kind of fun, apart from initial awkward approach. Most people walking on the side walk were easy to approach, were very responsive, and the few that stopped and looked at the posters, waiting to be approached, were the easiest. People who were on bikes were the hardest to approach, because most of them did not want to stop and put their bikes down just to answer some questions. Some if the people who were going to the bike shop that we were standing in front of, did not have bikes, and were in the bike shop to buy their very first bike. Some people were in a hurry and they did not even flinch, just passing us off, and some evaded us to not get spoken to. We also had cliff bars on the table, to lure people with some food and get them to talk to us, put when I would talk to people I would always forget to tell then that we had food. The age difference of the people who passed was very diverse, from a teen girl who did not did not own a bike to an older man who rode a lot.