At today’s Lunch& Learn our guest was an urban planner from CMAP, Maggie Jarr. She presented information about road maintenance and bike safety. I felt like she did a really good job explaining how CMAP supports energy efficient means of transportation. She helped us generate better questions to ask LUCHA residents and get them to understand the health benefits that walking and cycling can bring. Maggie encouraged us to think more about the future and how long people will be using our bike designs. We discussed a predicted increase of cyclists in future, therefor we want to encourage residents to think about their future means of transportation. We asked Maggie how using the community’s opinion can help to improve a design. She recommended that we ask open ended questions, listen to their stories and concerns because this makes the community feel more involved. CMAP had many maps with geographical data, which led us to share our  assets map with Maggie. She gave us some suggestions on our asset map for the final product. Maggie was thrilled to see the final designs, and so is everyone here at LBBA! Go bikeLab!