At the lucha buildings where we will be working, we interviewed a large array of people and found they all had different opinions on people living there and wanted different things for the building. Finding that people do not always share the same opinion even though they share the living space, was surprising because you would think that they would have a sense of community. We mainly focused on bikes and the reponses we got where different for instance a man to us that he did not own a bike, because he could not afford it, but liked to use a divvy bike. A woman who was talking about why she did not like to bike, even though she had a bike and had easy access to bikes, told us how that the housing or apartments did not have a very developed cycling community and that people there did not want to bike. Most of the time the quality of the street was not that big of a problem because you could just avoid the hazard. The biggest concern would be how to store the bike and how to stop bike theft, which causes people to store their bikes in their own living space. A lot of people would like the idea of an enclosed bike area that would be limited to only lucha resident and for people who care too much about the safety of their bikes. Most of them agreed that bike lanes where a good idea for the safety of their bikes and for themselves. As we where interviewing the we noticed that there was also a limitation when it came to language.