Today a representative from the Active Transportation Alliance visited the office to tell us about their work creating safer routes for bikers, pedestrians, and users of public transportation and to talk to us about our ideas for bikeLab. During our discussion we addressed several issues affecting the Chicago biker community, and we proposed viable solutions to prevent and reduce these problematic occurrences. For one, bike theft affects the biker community and makes their means of transportation less reliable, more costly, and potentially dangerous. Taken into account, we decided that bike storage in bike lockers or stations would be one method of decreasing bike theft and other variables that could affect the bike’s condition, whether it may be unfavorable weather and/or rusting. Essentially, these bike lockers in apartment complexes and other communal areas would not only protect the bike from the harsh conditions of the outside environment, but it would also provide a safer and more convenient way of storing bikes. Not only will the bike stay in an insulated environment, but it would also be in an area for the biker to access easily without the constant worry of theft. Additionally, we mentioned that people can have the access to rent bike locks, in the event of them forgetting their bike lock or simply not having one. Lastly, we hypothesized ideas on how we can collect data that accurately reflects Humboldt Park’s residents, as far as transportation and biking are concerned, so that we can determine the benefits of a bicycle storage facility in close proximity.