Today we went to go visit some of the LUCHA buildings that are struggling with storing their bikes. We visited the apartments to see how we can help them store their bikes by looking around and seeing how they currently put them away. That will help us come up with an easier design for them to store bikes. I really enjoyed visiting the LUCHA apartments because I got a better understanding of what kind of design to make. I learned that there is a lot of people in the building that own bikes and have to bring them to their apartments, because it’s safer than locking them outside. I never really thought of bike storage as an issue. The families have helped us by giving us feedback about the bike storage problems they have. For example, not being able to store their bikes by the back stairs because of fire code, in case there was a fire, they will be in the way. Our goal is to come up with a design that will give LUCHA tenants a place to store their bikes.