For our second Smartluck this Wednesday, we had the awesome opportunity to have lunch with Micheal Genge, an extreme cyclist who is experienced in architecture. Micheal is currently involved with keeping a velodrome (an arena for track cycling) available for public use, but stated that at this time it is very difficult to find more track bikers because of the decline in interest. Micheal shared with us the story of a 20+ member biking family that started in the early 1920’s who still kept traditions biking around Chicago. Micheal stressed the importance of keeping track biking culture alive especially with youth today. This directly correlates with what LUCHA and bikeLab hope to do this summer; we want residents to have the opportunity to bike! So, when we asked Micheal what he thought would best make biking more accessible to LUCHA residents, he gave us the idea of having an on-sight bike repair station in an open area, so that demos or bike tutorials could take place within the community. Tools and air pumps can be provided, so that everyone, even our youth, can engage in bike maintenance. This was a great idea, and bikeLab will directly benefit from Micheal’s input!