Gathering data on a certain topic by walking up to random people might seem easy, but there are some very interesting characters walking around town, even during the day in Chicago. As a group we started at a bike shop asking people if they bike or not; of course the people who worked at the bike shop told us that they used a bike. People who used bikes would have more of a conversation with us than people who did not use bikes. They have stories about things that happened to them while they have their bikes with them. Some people told us they watch their bikes instead of locking them up, because they know that surveillance is better that locking it up. Some who did not have a bike said that they hated bikes; other people who had bikes gave us reasons why they did not have their bikes with them. Our group walked around two blocks and came across a few people. Most of the people simply did not find it necessary to have their bikes on them yet said that they do ride bikes. There was even a couple, who were Hungarian, that did not live in the area and gave us information about their bike use for our board. While we were out we came across a bike repair stand that was not badly damaged, unlike the ones on the 606 which have been vadalized. Repair stands seem like a very good idea so people can work on their bikes if they have a problem on the road. We had to track down some children to ask them about if they had bikes, and it turns out that none of them had a bike, which was fascinating because I think all children should be learning how to ride a bike.